Argentina has always been one of the main producers of high-quality steaks in the world. Distinguished by the combination of cuts and unique flavor, it is one of the most delightful gastronomical experiences you can indulge in. Here at Saint Morris, you can find the same high quality cuts of meat; grilled exactly the same way the tradition indicates so that the flavor is unaltered. Selected carefully, we look only for the best and deliver it straight to your table. We offer you a wide selection of typical Argentinean biffes and the perfect compliments to enhance your choice.

Embark on a tasteful trip with our chef’s creations or a typical dish you would find in any Argentinean home; even choose the perfect beverage to accompany your selection. If that is not enough, then remember there is nothing like a sweet ending. Let us provide you with an amazing dessert to make your meal the perfect one! Our menu has several options to please all palates.

The delicious food, our impeccable service, and the relaxing and cozy atmosphere – everything is designed to give you a feeling of a true Argentinean steak house.

Let us show you how good it all is..